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A Warsco Bean Cleaner can clean at rates as high as 3,000 pounds per hour. Dirt, weed seeds, tiny pebbles and splits. The Warsco removes them all. You can see the results.

Easy To Operate.

With one simple connection, beans are fed into the top of the funnel from your present system. The Warsco does the rest. A special cloth fabric covering the rolls revolves upward and downward ejecting impurities while letting smooth and perfect beans gravitate to the end of the unit. Warsco's patented feeding system moves beans through a bottom feed chute to bottom rolls. Thus preventing jamming or clogging and assuring an even flow to all rolls without damaging the beans in any way. This combination of friction, centrifugal force and gravity produces the cleanest beans possible. The cleanest in the industry.

Fit For All Size Beans, All Types Of Production Lines.

The Warsco Cleaner is designed to rapidly adjust to cleanig requirements of kidney, lima, navy and other beans of all sizes. Also successful on lentils.

Easily installed, it's built to blend in with any production line operation and to provide the "finishing touch" to other in-line methods.

Economical To Run And To Keep Running.

You can operate a Warsco Cleaner seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and it will still remain virtually maintenance free.

Warscos are made to last and to run economically. Powered by a 1/3 h.p. electrical motor, operating costs are nominal. Add to that the attraction of a premium bean, and you've got a good, extremely sound investment. The cleanest bean possible is what you want for seed purposes.

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