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For Cleaning Alfalfa and Clovers
Model 52

Twenty cleaning rolls. Feed end 91" high when titled to operating position. Discharge end 76" high, Length approzimately 7'. Width 18". Motor 1/3 h.p., totally enclose, externally cooled, with Vari-Speed drive pulley. All-steel arc-welded frame, steel end plates. Double enclosure panels of plywood on both sides of cleaning roll area. Capacity 1,000 lbs. per hour.
Warsco Portable Sample Mill

A true miniature of the large Warsco Dodder Mills, but hand operated. However, it will produce the same fine results (on a smaller scale) as the regular machines. Extensively used by buyers and dealers for testing samples for weed seed content; also of great value in the fields as well as testing laboratories.
Model 52S

Eight cleaning rolls. Feed end 55" high when tilted to operating position. Discharge end 43" high. Length approximately 7'. Width 18" Motor 1/3 h.p., totally enclosed, externally cooled, with Vari-Speed drive pulley. All-steel arc-welded enclosure panels of plywood on both sides of cleaning roll area. Capacity 400 lbs. per hour.
Top All Seed Separators In Efficiency and Flexibility

All baffles may be adjusted equally . . . permitting you to clean seeds of any size, including the separation of peas from vetch. Results: Many mixtures, previously unsalable, can now be separated easily into marketable seeds . . . and one separator does the work on seeds of all sizes.
  • Never-Clog feeds practically eliminate troubles experienced with individual feed spouts and reduce "throw-over" to an absolute minimum.
  • Positive fiber gear drive eliminates slippage of rolls and will extend the life of the cloth.
  • Grade hoppers are now included as original equipment on all units.
  • Rollers are manufactured so that, by grounding the machine, static can be drawn off.
  • All-steel construction assures greater strength and longer life.
  • Time-saving exchange service on rolls is always available.
Never before have there been seed separators with such flexibility and wide range of uses . . . such dependable efficiency . . . such all-around values. Thanks to advanced design and sturdy construction, Warsco Dodder Mills not only assure cleaner seed separation, but faster and more econonical operation as well. They can work continuously . . . 24 hours per day. 7 days a week . . . and require no attention if ample bin space is provided. They remove undesirable weed seeds from red, mammoth, white, crimson, ladino, sweet, alsike and alyce clover; alfalfa, trefoil and hulled lespedeza. They readily separate timothy from alsike and unhulled from hulled lespedeza. They are famous for removal of dodder, dock, wild carrot, bullnettle, foxtail, peppergrass, sorrel, catchfly, oxeye daisy, hulled ragweed . . . also for satisfactory removal of quackgrass, Johnson grass, whitetop and cranebill. Excellent in removal of foxtail from swichgrass. And nothing can compare with their performance in salvaging seed from screenings and tailings.
Two simple levers enable you to adjust spacing of all baffles equally. Result - legumes of any size can now be cleaned as easily as other seeds.
One simple adustment of hand feed control gives desired operating speed by increasing or decreasing flow of stock to all rolls at the same time.
Special housings, attached to outside of steel frame, increase efficiency of the sealed precision ball bearings . . . providing perfect roll alignment for life of machine.
Variable tilt mechanism permits quick, easy adjustment of the Dodder Mill's pitch for various types of seeds.

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